Two hands creating a heart shape.

Jane’s Story: Full Hearts—Full Pantry

I have always thought that FFT’s services were only for individuals living with AIDS. However, last summer after being hospitalized, my neighbor received services from FFT and couldn’t stop praising how helpful the grocery deliveries were. I was struggling with my own financial hardships as well as health issues that could improve with access to better nutrition. Fortunately, I was referred to FFT by my health clinic.

Since connecting with FFT, my family’s life has transformed. We were dealing with the challenge of getting enough food, a struggle made worse after I had to leave a job that was awful for my physical and mental health. The healthy food we now receive from FFT has been a game changer for my family. They cater to our specific medical and personal dietary needs, which is vital for both my wellbeing and my children, who have sensory issues that limit the kind of food they will eat.

Every interaction with FFT’s staff and volunteers has been incredibly heartwarming for my family. Living far from FFT without a car makes their delivery service invaluable.

The consistent kindness and non-judgmental approach of FFT’s staff and volunteers means world to us. Their inclusivity and unwavering support have not only nourished us physically, but have also fostered a sense of belonging and community, which my children and I deeply appreciate.

I hope to give back to FFT in some way when I am healthier. Meanwhile, I always encourage those around me to support Food For Thought in anyway that they can, given the important role Food For Thought plays in our community.