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Our Mission
Fostering health and healing with food and compassion.

Food For Thought (FFT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing lifesaving nutrition services to individuals living with serious medical conditions in Sonoma County, CA. Established in 1988 during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, FFT initially aimed to offer essential grocery support to our critically ill neighbors. Over the years, our mission has evolved beyond end-of-life care to encompass a broad spectrum of comprehensive nutrition services, catering to those facing various serious medical challenges. This expansion underscores our commitment to strengthening Sonoma County’s healthcare safety net, particularly as we navigate the widening inequities and gaps in income and economic mobility. By ensuring access to nutritious food, FFT plays a crucial role in addressing these disparities, supporting community health, and enhancing the quality of life for all residents, irrespective of their economic status.

client with infant

4000 + people affected by serious medical conditions served in Sonoma County


325000 + meals distributed to our neighbors in need


Our clients are as diverse as the area we work in

Race/Ethnicity% of clients served
Black/African American3.25%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander3.24%
Native American/Alaskan Native1.38%
client with bag of food
Areas Served% of meals served
Santa Rosa54.12%
Rohnert Park/Cotati11.30%
North County8.72%
West County6.97%
Sonoma Valley5.46%


“My doctor referred me to Food For Thought because I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure. My blood sugar was very high, and I was on 13 different medications. It’s just my daughter and me and we are on a budget, so we mostly ate cheap carbs. Then I started receiving healthy food from Food For Thought. I started eating veggies, fruits, healthy grains and legumes. I’ve lost weight and my blood sugar has gone down. I’m excited to say that I have cut 5 medications, all because I changed my diet. The healthy food I have received from Food For Thought has changed my life!”
– Client Alba


Our Programs Serve Many Needs In Our Community

Our own program evaluations indicate that, on average, our services deliver a two-thirds reduction in food insecurity for our clients, with at least half of our clients increasing their consumption of fruits and vegetables during their service periods. According to peer-reviewed research collated by the California Food Is Medicine Coalition, people receiving medically tailored meals experience the following healthcare outcomes: up to 63 percent lower patient hospitalizations and 58 percent lower emergency department visits; better adherence to medication regimens; and up to 32 percent lower healthcare costs. FFT is a member of the California Food Is Medicine Coalition and follows the same program guidelines and meal standards as the agencies who participated in these studies.


ProgramPopulation ServedTime Period
HIV Nutrition ProgramPeople living with HIV, plus household membersOngoing
Welcome Home ProgramPeople returning home from a hospital stay and at risk for malnutrition, plus household members3 months
Oncology Nutrition ProgramPeople receiving cancer treatment, plus household members3 months (plus varying extensions, if eligible)
Full Belly ProgramPeople who are pregnant and at risk for malnutrition, plus household membersEntire pregnancy, plus 3 months after birth
Infectious Disease ProgramLow-income people with COVID-19, long-COVID, Tuberculosis, and other diseases, plus household membersVaries by need
Community SupportsLow-income Medi-Cal patients with medical conditions12 weeks
Bags of LovePeople experiencing homelessness and serious medical conditionsOngoing

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