Client Volando

Volando’s Story

HIV Nutrition

Volando is a ray of sunshine. His cheerful southern accent and joking personality draws a smile, and often a laugh, from everyone he meets.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Volando moved to California in 1989. He worked in cities across Northern California for Burlington Coat Factory, eventually landing in Sonoma County. Here he has found a welcoming community, excellent health care, and supportive services.

Volando discovered Food For Thought in 1998, after moving to Guerneville. “I was in need of food,” Volando says. “Thankfully even back then, Food For Thought volunteers were able to deliver food to me.”

As a long-term client, Volando has been very open about living with AIDS. “I was actually supporting a friend to get tested when I found out I was HIV+. I still remember the exact

day I found out. It was surprising to learn at first, but I’ve been fortunate to receive support from organizations like Face 2 Face and Food For Thought.”

In addition to the weekly food Volando receives, he explains: “I really feel cared about and supported by the staff and volunteers at Food For Thought. I look forward to the call I get each week. I smile when I talk to a volunteer on the phone and they are so excited to tell me what new or extra food I can order.”

A few of Volando’s favorite things to order are avocados and chicken. He says: “Over the years I’ve learned to eat healthier,” and he credits the cooking and nutrition classes provided by Food For Thought’s Registered Dietitian.

Now in his 60s, Volando expresses thanks to many people, and especially to his caregiver Jorge C. He also continues to have food delivered to his home each week. “I’m very grateful. I receive social security, but it’s not enough. The healthy food I receive from Food For Thought helps me pull through each month.”

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