Client Margo

Margo’s Story

Meals That Heal

Last August, I was really in bad shape. My feet were so swollen, and I was very short of breath. I am a retired nurse and as my condition worsened, I knew that I better see a doctor. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I couldn’t get an appointment, so I went to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital.

I was surprised to be diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which caused congestive heart failure. I was later admitted to the hospital for six days.

My medical team emphasized that eating a healthy diet would be really important in helping me to recover. They referred me to Food For Thought.

I’ve been enrolled in FFT’s Meals That Heal Program for a few months now and I have seen an improvement in my health.

After several weeks on the program, I was scheduled for a cardiac conversion. I couldn’t believe it, they had me on the table and decided to cancel the procedure because I had a normal heart rhythm.

The program is really helping me and I am learning to make better food choices. I got rid of all the unhealthy items in my pantry and am learning to enjoy the taste of food without adding salt. I now use limes and other herbs to season the prepared meals that are delivered to my home by FFT’s dedicated delivery drivers. They all include a healthy balance of proteins and vegetables.

I have been really impressed with the quality of the food and nutritional guidance that I am receiving. I’ve been a caregiver in the North Bay for many years. I have worked in skilled nursing, cared for fragile children and people living with HIV/AIDS. I am very grateful to the team at Food For Thought and the larger community for providing food and nutritional support that I need now to heal.

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