Client Harold

Harold’s Story


I can’t thank Food For Thought enough. 

I have many health issues including diabetes, vision problems, an injury to my feet from job injury and neuropathy which makes if very difficult to walk. 

Knowing that my health issues made me very vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, I got fully vaccinated as soon as I could. I also was very careful and continued to wear my mask but got the virus.

By the end of June, I had a terrible cough, congestion and was really exhausted. My doctor’s said that it could have been much worse if I hadn’t already been vaccinated.

Despite my health issues, I try to be a self-sufficient as I can, but I knew that I had to stay isolated and wasn’t sure how I would get food. I didn’t want to pass COVID-19 along to anyone else.  

The help I got from FFT was amazing.  I received healthy food weekly including fruits, vegetables and high-quality proteins. The support I received really help me recover from the virus. What Food For Thought does is wonderful!

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