Author: Lenore Messler

  • A medical professional wearing teal scrubs and a stethoscope holds the hand of a patient

    Carmen’s Story: A Lifeline in the Dark

    When I received my diagnosis in March of 2023, my life was turned upside down. It was unexpected, drastic, and devastating. It changed me completely. I was no longer able to work and for months I feared not having enough food for my family and me to survive. That is, until a social worker at…

  • Two hands creating a heart shape.

    Jane’s Story: Full Hearts—Full Pantry

    I have always thought that FFT’s services were only for individuals living with AIDS. However, last summer after being hospitalized, my neighbor received services from FFT and couldn’t stop praising how helpful the grocery deliveries were. I was struggling with my own financial hardships as well as health issues that could improve with access to…