A medical professional wearing teal scrubs and a stethoscope holds the hand of a patient

Carmen’s Story: A Lifeline in the Dark

When I received my diagnosis in March of 2023, my life was turned upside down. It was unexpected, drastic, and devastating. It changed me completely. I was no longer able to work and for months I feared not having enough food for my family and me to survive. That is, until a social worker at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa referred me to Food For Thought.

My family and I started receiving nutrition services from Food For Thought’s Oncology program in January 2024. They have helped us so much. Each week when my food arrives, we get very excited and select what we are going to cook that same day.

Thanks to the food they send me, my family and I are eating healthier and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet. I really like the vegetables and proteins and use them to make healthy meals, such as chicken or tuna salad.

Food For Thought provides more than just food. Not only do I receive groceries, but I also enjoy talking to their staff when I place my weekly order. It helps to talk to someone who cares each week, specifically Jacqui. It feels great to have someone ask me how I am.

Everyone at Food For Thought is so kind, including the volunteers who pack and deliver my food. The delivery drivers will leave the grocery bags when I am not home, but they always make sure to get in touch with me.

I am extremely grateful for all the help Food For Thought continues to give me. I am able to enjoy the things I love more without having to worry about being able to eat, like going on walks and listening to old Mexican music. I feel so supported knowing someone who doesn’t even know me cares about me.