Client Noah

Noah’s Story

HIV Nutrition

I’ve been a client and a volunteer at Food For Thought for 20 years.

In the beginning, I really needed FFT’s services. It was very hard to learn that I was HIV positive, and I wasn’t taking care of myself.

I desperately needed food. But I also needed a community, and that’s what I found at Food For Thought. I did every volunteer task there was—at the counter, stocking shelves, delivery driver, food drives, and helped at Calabash, a fundraising event.

Over the years, I’ve developed relationships with staff and volunteers. I was the only assistant when Nina (FFT’s staff nutritionist) started her cooking class. I’ve also just come to FFT when I was depressed and needed to be around people who cared.

About five months ago, I was in the hospital. I was very dehydrated, had cramps in my legs, and my whole body was stiff. I felt like I was working on 40 percent.

Nina came to see me in the hospital, and after I got out she met with me to talk about my diet and making a meal plan to help me stay healthy. I’m almost 60 now, and I depend on FFT’s nutrition services. I come here every Saturday to get my food for the week and to see all the staff and volunteers. I’m so appreciative and honestly feel that if there was anything based on goodness, Food For Thought is it.

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