Client Mike

Michael’s Story

HIV Nutrition

Long-time client and volunteer Michael appreciates the true sense of belonging and dignity that Food For Thought provides to people through its many services.  He first became aware of FFT, while working as a volunteer at Face to Face, an organization which also supports the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS in Sonoma County.

“I would drive Face to Face clients to Food For Thought to select and pick up their groceries,” said Michael. “I witnessed firsthand how over time their visits to the food pantry would inspire them to start taking better care of themselves.  I would notice small changes in their demeanor and physical appearance. They would start smiling more, dressing better and looking healthier.”

Michael was so impressed with Food For Thought that he decided to start volunteering in 2013.

“I just loved the way the experience made me feel,” said Michael.  “A few years into volunteering, I received a medical diagnosis and I became eligible to receive services. This made a major difference in my life. I was very grateful for the healthy food and support that I received from the FFT’s staff and volunteers.”

Michael still volunteers weekly at FFT.  “After every session, I am very thankful.  I leave with a wonderful sense of happiness and belonging.”

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