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Food For Our Clients

Where Do We Get The Food For Our Clients

All of the food that goes to Food For Thought clients comes from people just like you throughout Sonoma County. Food comes to us from many different sources:

  • Thirty-four percent is purchased at wholesale prices from companies such as Fircrest Market in Sebastopol, Andy’s Produce, Sysco and others.
  • Thirty-one percent comes from in-kind donations from individuals, stores, vendors,  and groups throughout the county. These are amazing folks who drop by and donate fresh produce, canned goods and other items, year-round.
  • Twenty-six percent – more than a quarter – of the food we give to clients comes from food drives that take place all over the county at least twice per month.
  • Nine percent comes from Redwood Empire Food Bank, which allows us to get food at very low cost, and sometimes for free or below wholesale prices.

It takes an entire community to provide food for people living with HIV/AIDS, and we could not do it without the help and support of so many wonderful people. Thank you.

Dave Hall
Food Program & Facilities Manager