Outstanding Volunteers

The food bank was founded by people who understood that a volunteer-based organization can transform lives in extraordinary ways by sharing common compassion, which works to break down cultural barriers.

Our volunteer program is based on the overarching ideal that everyone in our community is affected by the HIV epidemic regardless of personal HIV status. Here, volunteers are friends, neighbors, and even strangers, providing support to those who live with HIV/AIDS. Many of our volunteers are clients as well as volunteers, while others had never met anyone with HIV until they began to help out at Food For Thought.

The food bank has been blessed by many folks who exemplify the spirit of selfless giving. Over the years the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County has honored many of our food bank volunteers with Silver Bowl Awards at their annual recognition luncheon. We are proud of them and their contributions to enriching the lives of our clients.

Nancy Tello receives the Dennison Award from Kathy and John Dennison ,honoring her 14 years of dedication and commitment to Food For Thought. Nancy said volunteering with Food For Thought is a constant reminder to her that "she's not the center of the universe!"

Barbara Gerber was recognized for her support and outstanding service to Food For Thought with her very own golden can opener. Barbara is shown here receiving The Golden Can Opener Award from Development Director, Beth Wolfer and Executive Director, Ron Karp at the annual Volunteer Picnic.

Each year the food bank chooses a person whose contributions of time and heart rise above the ordinary.

These are our Volunteers of the Year:

  • Ron Higgins
  • 2012 John Dennison
  • 2011 Rodney DeMartini and Frederick Kasl
  • 2010 Sandy Younglove
  • 2009 Barbara Gerber
  • 2008 Barbara Doyle 
  • 2007 Nancy Tello
  • 2006 Diana Lobush and Jim Penpraze
  • 2005 Jim Komarek
  • 2004 Randall Thompson
  • 2003 Angelo Fazzi
  • 2002 Gene Bonino and Bruce Higton
  • 2001 John Smith
  • 2000 Fred King
  • 1999 Kathy Dennison
  • 1998 Shirley Liberman
  • 1997 David Steger
  • 1996 Eva Estermann
  • 1995 Erin Moilanen
  • 1994 Alan Zimmerman
  • 1993 Kathy O’Neill
  • 1992 Andy Jaszewski
  • 1991 Robert Becker
  • 1990 Kathy Dennison

Silver Bowl Award Winners:

  • 1993 Kathy O’Neill / Outstanding Adult Volunteer
  • 1995 Stewart Scofield / Outstanding Volunteer Coordinator
  • 1996 Jessica Chisler / Outstanding Youth Volunteer
  • 1997 David Steger / Outstanding Adult Volunteer
  • 1998 John Shoaf / Outstanding Adult Volunteer, Outstanding Volunteer Program
  • 1999 Kathy Dennison / Outstanding Adult Volunteer
  • 2000 Peter Van Dyke / Outstanding Youth Volunteer
  • 2001 John Smith / Outstanding Adult Volunteer
  • 2002 Aleksei Lund / Outstanding Youth Volunteer
  • 2003 Outstanding Volunteer Program
  • 2004 Randall Thompson / Outstanding Adult Volunteer, Outstanding Volunteer Program