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The Top 5 Reasons to Give

  1. Eighty-five percent - that's 85% - of your donation will reach our clients through our services. We need your help.
  2. We have over 600 volunteers- yep, over six hundred - who make this work possible. Contact us to join the amazing crew.
  3. Food For Thought is magical. If you don't believe it, come by the food bank and visit to experience our unique magic. While you are here, you can add to our magic.
  4. You would join a group of incredible donors. People who have helped the organization thrive and grow for over 23 years. Please join our donors.
  5. Our client outcomes are deeply moving.

With our services over the years, a large portion of our clients have survived what no one thought they could. And most amazing of all, several of our clients have gone on to attain Masters Degrees after believing they would not see the end of one year.

Help our clients reach their personal potential by supporting their nutritional needs.