Give Us Food

There is a very personal way you can help support people in Sonoma County with HIV and AIDS, and can help fight hunger and poverty - give us food!

We welcome any and all food donations that can be used in the weekly grocery orders dispersed to our clients and client families, which include more than 65 children.

All the ways food is donated:

  • Individuals give us donations that they have purchased, or when they’re cleaning out their pantry (be sure items are unopened and unexpired)
  • People make donations during bi-weekly food drives at grocery stores across the county
  • Gardeners and farmers bring us their bounty
  • Food producers make donations of fresh food (we receive quality bread from local bakeries), and packaged food items
  • Local markets donate surplus food

What we need:

These are some of the items we distribute on a weekly basis.  We only ask that donated items are in decent shape, regular shelf sizes vs. industrial size, and that your donations are within expiration date guidelines.

  • breakfast cereals
  • pasta sauces and pasta
  • peanut butter
  • canned chicken and tuna in water
  • chunky-style hearty soups and condensed soups
  • healthy juices
  • white and brown rice
  • canned chili, stew, and ravioli
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • Rice-a-Roni and Pasta-Roni
  • jams and jellies and low-sugar spreads
  • cheeses
  • fresh produce

Consider becoming a weekly or monthly Case Donor:

One of our greatest ongoing challenges is providing fresh, healthy produce for our clients, year round. A case of fruit or vegetables, generously donated by you, your family, or your office group, can make a remarkable difference in the healthy choices we can provide to our clients and their kids.

Help at the holidays:

Each November and December, we provide a turkey or two chickens and all of the fixings to each of our clients for their holiday meals.  We are always in need of  special food donations during those months – from poultry to fresh celery, potatoes and cranberries, to stuffing mix and pumpkin pie filling. The holiday season always creates a need for these items. Just contact the food bank in the weeks leading up to the holidays and we will happily offer suggestions for what is needed the most, as it changes from year to year.

All food donations are tax-deductible and we will provide you with a receipt for your generosity. Also, be sure to save your paper shopping bags with handles for us.

If you have questions about food you’d like to donate, please contact Dave Hall, our Food Program Manager. He can be reached at (707) 887-1647, ext. 101