Celebration Pathway

In 2010, Food For Thought’s Board of Directors began development of the Celebration Pathway as a way to offer members of our community - clients, staff, volunteers, and supporters - a dedicated site to celebrate significant events and honor special people in their lives.

This walkway is now a reality. The Celebration Pathway is covered with paver squares with spaces for personal brass plaques which create a walkway through the naturally quiet and secluded herb garden. The volunteers overseeing this project hold a vision of a place where visitors can stroll, taking time to ponder and reflect on life’s events. Whether to celebrate marriages, births of children or grandchildren, the passing of loved ones, anniversaries or intimate memories, this permanent garden walkway becomes each donor's gift to the community in the public space around the Food Bank’s facility and grounds.

Celebration Pathway plaquesFood For Thought’s organic gardens are designed and maintained under the supervision of Doug Gosling, Head Gardener from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, with the help of volunteers. Lovingly tended, beautiful and inspiring, the gardens change with the seasons and there is something to engage and renew one’s spirit with every visit. The Celebration Pathway is a peaceful and inviting place to celebrate memories with either smiles or tears; it can serve as an enduring tribute to those you hold important.

There are two sizes of brass plaques in the Celebration Pathway. The 4” x 8” plaque can be purchased with a $100 donation, and the 8” x 8” plaque for a $200 donation. This contribution to Food For Thought is 100 percent tax deductible.

You can access an order form and worksheet here, by visiting the Food Bank at 6550 Railroad Avenue in Forestville – where you can tour the Celebration Pathway in person – or by calling Karen Gardner, Food For Thought's Development Director, at 887-1647 x102.

Please feel free to call with any questions or for further information. Food For Thought is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm.