Big Food for Thought Donations—at Zero Cost—From Home Sales

If there was a zero-cost way you could help provide those infected with HIV or AIDS with nutritional meals, would you do it?

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our new partnership with My Broker Donates. My Broker Donates empowers our supporters to generate donations to Food For Thought worth thousands of dollars—at zero cost—when you buy or sell a home. You can get started right now!

Here’s how it works: My Broker Donates connects people looking to buy or sell a home with caring, qualified brokers who donate 15% of their fee to Food For Thought. They refer you to an agent who is an expert in exactly the kind of transaction you are looking for. Then you choose the agent you like best.



Once you choose the right agent for you, the process is no different from any other real estate transaction—only Food For Thought gets a big donation.

Every Food For Thought supporter who is thinking of buying or selling a home should consider using My Broker Donates because the potential donations are sizable.

A $500,000 real-estate transaction generates a donation of more than $2,000. That money will help Food For Thought continue its mission of feeding nutritional meals to Sonoma County residents with HIV or AIDS.

Even if you have an existing relationship with an agent or broker, My Broker Donates can help you create a donation for Food For Thought. Just visit their Getting Started page.