About Project Africa

The AIDS pandemic has left millions of children orphaned and vulnerable in Africa. Many of them, like those pictured on this page, are the sole caregivers for other children. Hope Initiatives is a small organization running soup kitchens in Namibia, helping to feed these children.

Twenty-five years ago, at the beginning of the epidemic in this country, a large number of individuals turned their backs on people with AIDS. Many others, however, gave their time, talent and money to create a new model of caring. Food For Thought, the Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank, was developed using this model.

Children line up for food outside Hope Initiative\'s Kilamanjaro Soup Kitchen in Namibia.

At Food For Thought, we believe that we are once again at a crossroads in the struggle against this virus. Will we turn our backs on people with HIV/AIDS in the developing world? Or, will we once again work together to provide support where possible.

After thoughtful consideration, the FFT Board of Directors created the Project Africa Committee in 2005.


The mission of this committee is to support food programs in Africa for people affected by HIV/AIDS. The FFT board has stipulated that no funds raised for our Sonoma County clients can be diverted to work in Africa, so funds for African programs are raised separately. We distribute those funds through a partnership with Hope Initiatives. You can read about our various fundraising efforts here.

Our committee meets on the third Thursday of every month (except December) at 5:30 pm at the food bank. We would love to have you join us in this lifesaving work.

You can use the “Make a Donation” button to the left to make a gift to this project. Enter “Project Africa” in the comment box to make sure your donation goes to our programs in Africa.